Our Beliefs…

We believe that your body has the ability to heal itself. We believe that food is for nutritional purposes, and therefore we encourage you to eat in a manner that benefits your body. We believe that the environment that you live and work in is important to your health. We believe that sleep is an important time for your body to rest and recover. We believe that how you perform work with your body is as important as how you take care of it. We believe that pain is an early warning signal, and that you should treat your injuries with respect and concern. We believe that stretching and exercising are important for maintaining muscle and spinal health. We believe that good health changes can be made with sincere intention and support. We believe that the five most dangerous words are: "Maybe it will go away”.

  • Dr. Debra Tillou
    Dr. Debra Tillou

    Dr. Debra Tillou is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West (1985), San Francisco college of Acupuncture (TCM 1988), and Suny Oneonta (1975, B.A. Psychology). Married and a mother of four, a cancer survivor and dedicated alternative health provider, she moved to Maine (1992) after practicing in California.; She administers this unique office of multi-discipline practitioners with strong community based commitment, provider net working and computer integration on a six day a week service schedule. She incorporates Diversified, SOT, Distraction, Physiotherapy, and acupuncture into her treatments. She enjoys a community based practice and welcomes those traveling through the area.

  • Kathleen Ocean
    Kathleen Ocean, LMT, RN

    A graduate of the Downeast School of Massage, Kathleen has been practicing in the Midcoast region since 1990. Tailoring each session to meet the needs of the individual client, she calls upon her experience and positive energy using Trigger Point Therapy, deep kneading, myofacial release and Swedish massage. Kathleen brings her positive energy and focused attention to her work in this therapeutic setting. She works Monday as well as every other Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Julie Rogers
    Julie Ayers Rogers, LMT

    Julie employs Swedish, myofascial release and deep tissue therapy in her individualized treatments. With a strong personal training in Yoga, she incorporates therapeutic stretches. She works with a firm but gentle touch while assisting her clients to open and lengthen their fascia and musculature. She enjoys giving prenatal and postpartum support. She works on Thursday.

  • Our Beliefs…

    Children “do not bounce” and therefore they are prone to injuries. They do sustain injuries with impact trauma, car accidents, falls, and sports injuries. We believe that they too would benefit from chiropractic care or body work services. Even kids enjoy massages.

  • Darlene Terry
    Darlene Terry, LMT

    Darlene includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release and Trigger Point therapy into her sessions. An experienced local practitioner, each session is designed to meet the client's needs, for specific problem related treatment to relaxation. Her sessions are deeply therapeutic. She works on Saturday and Thursday.

  • Dana Tavares
    Dana Tavares, LMT, CPT, CMTA

    A certified trainer and massage therapist, Dana
    incorporates Swedish, sprots/orthopedic, and
    therapeutic stretch into his sessions. He enjoys
    clients to identify and overcome areas of
    biomechanical stress and chronic pain. He supports good postural awareness, nutrition and flexibility. He works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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